RHOMOLO is a recursively dynamic spatial computable general equilibrium model of the European Commission. It was developed and is used by DG JRC in cooperation with DG REGIO for territorial impact assessment. RHOMOLO can simulate the sector-, region- and time-specific impact of EU policies and provide support to policy makers in the evaluation of investments, reforms and structural changes in the economy.

This website allows using the RHOMOLO model for illustrative simulations via a graphical web interface. Behind the graphical web interface the RHOMOLO model is running in GAMS.

Currently, three types of policy 'shocks' can be illustratively simulated via this web interface:

  • the impact of innovation policies (increase in total factor productivity)
  • the impact of labour market policies (increase in labour productivity)
  • the impact of transport infrastructure improvement (reduction in trade costs between/within regions)

You can find more information on the RHOMOLO model page.

In order to execute the RHOMOLO model via the graphical web interface, you need an ECAS account (register with the European Commission Authentication Service) and to be authorised by our model developing team. Everyone is welcome to register and run the model. We set up an authorisation process just to know how much computing resources we have to allocate to the application and to have an idea of the needs of our users. Authorised users can run the simulations by clicking on the button below, which will also redirect unauthorised users to a request access form.

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